Seminis® Performance Series sweet corn

Seminis® Performance Series™ sweet corn, an insect-protected, glyphosate-tolerant sweet corn (Bt/Roundup Ready® sweet corn) developed through biotechnology, was the first product  in our Performance SeriesTM portfolio of premium products and is currently available in the United States for planting for commercial fresh market use.


These high-quality sweet corn seeds offer additional competitive advantages to growers by providing them with protection from above1 and below2 ground insect pests, as well tolerance to Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup PowerMAX®3 agricultural herbicides. Taken together, these features enhance the quality, growth and yield potential of the product, and, because Performance Series™ sweet corn can reduce insecticide use by up to 85%, fewer trips through the field mean reduced fuel use.


Although Performance SeriesTM  sweet corn was introduced under the Seminis® vegetable seed brand in 2011, sweet corn growers have been growing competitor’s biotechnology-derived sweet corn containing the beneficial and naturally occurring Bt protein (Bacillus thuringiensis ) for nearly 15 years.


Advantages of Performance Series™ sweet corn

This genetically enhanced sweet corn provides protection against damage by common pests such as European corn borers, corn earworms, fall armyworms and corn rootworms. In fact, Performance SeriesTM sweet corn is the first sweet corn product to offer protection against corn rootworm larvae. This full array of above1- and below2-ground insect pest protection results in a better plant root system that strengthens the yield potential of marketable ears per acre.


In addition, Performance Series™ sweet corn contains Roundup Ready® technology, the cornerstone of weed management programs on many farms[j4] . The Roundup Ready® technology that is built into Performance Series™ sweet corn seed controls a wider spectrum of weeds with [r5] crop safety to in-crop applications of labeled Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup PowerMAX3 agricultural herbicides when applied according to label directions and encourages the use of conservation tillage.


Perhaps most importantly, this high-quality sweet corn offers consumers the great flavor, appearance and nutritional value they expect. The taste of this sweet corn is similar to popular conventional sweet corn hybrids such as Obsession and Passion. (Source: Bt Sweet Corn Sensory Evaluation – 2010 Season, National Food Laboratory )


Support for cost-effective practices

Through biotechnology, Seminis® Performance Series™ sweet corn enables growers to significantly decrease insecticide applications with its related fuel use, thereby reducing overall input costs.


Because this sweet corn contains the naturally occurring Bt protein –which is often used as an insecticide by organic farmers – the insect pest protection offered by Performance SeriesTM sweet corn allows growers to decrease insecticide (pesticide) applications by up to 85 percent when compared with conventional sweet corn.


The inclusion of Roundup Ready® technology in Performance SeriesTM sweet corn also provides environmental and economic benefits through conservation tillage.

1 Targeted above-ground insect pests include Fall Armyworm, Corn Earworm (ear feeding), European Corn Borer, Southwestern Corn Borer, Sugarcane Borer, Cornstalk Borer and Southern Cornstalk Borer.

2 Targeted below-ground insect pests include Western Corn Rootworm Larvae, Northern Corn Rootworm Larvae and Mexican Corn Rootworm Larvae.

3Roundup PowerMAX® is approved for use only in the United States


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